A lot of people say they do “BDSM.” What do I mean by it?

We don’t really know until we’re in a room together. But here is a taste of what we might explore. 


Power Exchange

“Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.”
-Oscar Wilde

The better you are at maintaining control, the deeper is your yearning to fully release it.

And there are many, many ways to do so.

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Role Play

There’s something about acting out twisted fantasies— with our own, living, breathing bodies— that does something special for me. A very particular and potent form of catharsis.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

What are yours?


Kink & Fetish

What is kink?

It’s play outside the box.

The thing about the space outside a box is: it’s infinite.


Here are some of the things for me that populate that infinite space. 

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Meeting for a few hours can be delightful, but has its limits.

The kind of life-altering explorations that are possible in my world must be custom-tailored to you and your psychology— your fears, your cravings, your past.


Such explorations are not for everyone. 


Showers + toilet training

The nasty, shameful parts of life can be the most sensational— precisely because of how much shame they carry.

I have a passion for exploring such shadows. I haven’t yet heard of a fantasy that hasn’t fascinated me.