it’s about time that
we explore your kinks…


kink for the connoisseur & the curious

What is kink?

It’s different things for different people - however, it’s essentially play outside the box.

The thing about the space outside a box is: it’s infinite.

Regardless of if you’re just starting your BDSM journey, or have been playing for a lifetime - I invite you to explore that infinite space without hesitation… or judgement.


sensual, yet sadistic domination

Do you like when it hurts?

With my guidance - you’ll soon find yourself craving an intensity you’ve never quite felt before. Whether it be physical or psychological - the intensity of our sadomasochistic entanglement will be unmatched… for the better you are at maintaining control, the deeper is your yearning to fully release it. Just remember - breathe.

This is what you wanted & soon enough you’ll feel empowered through submission, learn to give in to the pleasure of pain - and, in time experience pure catharsis… just as you were meant too.

Now - let’s begin.


long-term devotion & ownership

Meeting for a few hours can be delightful, but has its limits…

The kind of connections I crave are long-term, life-altering, & crafted over time.

Such explorations are not for everyone. 

However, should you find yourself on this path and seek something more - I implore you to read further…

Dominatrix Ashley Paige - sadistic laughter

The Ashley Paige Experience

go ahead, call me daddy…