Intensive experiences are custom tailored for exploring your desires more openly. I invite you to leave the typical indoor setting behind for a few hours and surrender completely to a night of endless perversion - and perhaps, indulge your need for ongoing training.

Public play

Let's start the night out with a bit of plug training - ensuring your have a snug fit with the remote-controlled vibrating butt plug I bought just prior to meeting you. Perhaps we'll grab cocktails, so you can flash your new collar, while desperately trying to conceal your throbbing, caged manhood from the waitress. Better yet, I want you to take me on a shopping spree where we maintain D/s protocol throughout - you'll help me try on, then buy, boots, heels, and an array of fashionable gear... Of course, a a shopping spree wouldn't be complete without finding you a few lacy things to model for me later.

Showing you off as my pet at play parties; making you werk at local gay bars; indulge me at gentleman's clubs and burlesque shows, and other interesting or random public play adventures hold a very special place in my dark and kinky heart, as well.

overnight immersion

With time no longer being an issue, we can dive deeper into our fetishistic desires, intensifying your training and devotion. If you behave, perhaps you'll sleep on the bed, like a good boy... otherwise, my human-sized dog cage is readily available for your restful night's sleep. You'll cook us breakfast in the morning, serving me under D/s protocol and when I'm done with you, you'll return to the world refreshed and ready to take on the day.

ongoing training

A one-off session or the occasional visit doesn't do it for you. You yearn for a black alpha female to own your mind and body. You crave behavior modification in real time and virtually. You need consistency and ongoing training, furthermore - you need discipline. I can offer you all of this and more. A minimum of three individual sessions is necessary to gauge our compatibility; boundaries and expectations surrounding communication will be discussed up front and often; and a monthly retainer is required.