To care for someone is to serve them...

And power exchange is the ultimate service. An age-old practice in which one person voluntarily gives their power to another for the purpose of mutual enjoyment – power exchange isn’t unique to BDSM, but can elevate the dynamics of a kink scene and relationship to new highs. Care, communication, consent, and control are paramount to establishing healthy D/s dynamics and mutual trust is vital.

Bottoms and submissives intent on co-creating a successful D/s relationship understand that their open and honest input, service, and devotion aids in establishing a strong foundation from which we can explore your most intimate desires and vulnerabilities. As your domme, I seek to offer you acceptance, care and creativity in & out of scenes; discipline and guidance throughout, and create space for true catharsis in us both. Understand, that establishing a sound psychological structure such as this requires time and patience, in which I earn your submission and you prove that you are truly worthy of my dominance.

A few of my favorite D/s activities include:

  • Chastity & key holding
  • Ongoing orgasm control & denial
  • Cuckolding
  • Toilet Training
  • D/s protocol
  • Daily assignments and homework
  • Ongoing training &  behavior modification
  • Financial Domination