Deranged Doctor / Hell-bound Head Nurse

It’s time for your annual physical but your regular physician has retired. Luckily, they’ve passed the baton to a younger, more aesthetically pleasing doctor that you’ve been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see. The day of your checkup arrives and you find yourself disrobing and climbing on the exam table. The warm, gloved hands of your doctor give you rise, as her hands palpate and probe every inch of you; the shiny metal instruments on the table look intimidating, but something about her smile puts you at ease… for a while.

Misguided masseuse

You’ve been in need of a therapist to help you work out some kinks and decide to book an appointment with a highly reputable professional. After a brief intake, you disrobe and climb on the table, feeling exposed but willing your body to relax. As the therapist pours hot oil on your body and begins to massage your muscles, you soon feel her hands slip under the sheets…

Twisted Therapist

Its come to your attention (and everyone else’s) that your desires fall outside of the norm, and it’s been giving you cause for concern. You book an appointment with a licensed professional in hopes of getting some help. The therapist is incredibly attractive, engaging, and nothing like what you’d expect. You soon find yourself bending to her will, exposing your twisted fantasies, and trapped in a cruel, yet invigorating mind fuck that satisfies you unlike any other.

Blackmailing boss

You’ve been working at your firm for sometime now and have always been attracted to your boss, but, of course, could never act on it - seeing how you like receiving a regular paycheck and all. Then, one day you fudge a report costing the company thousands. Your boss is livid, your position at the company is in jeopardy, and you’ll do anything to keep your job…

Vicious Vamp

You’ve seen her walking down the street – captivating, confident, cool. Her lithe body seems to be begging for worship, but that devious glimmer in her eye says something more. You know she’s dangerous… you know she’s a man-eater… and still you just can’t seem to stay away.  With a slick smile and a flutter of her eyelashes, she’s coaxed you out of your pants, paycheck, and pride.

Bisexual Boi Toy

There’s a new guy at the office that’s unlike any others – intuitive and feminine, yet strong and a bit of a jock. They’ve caught you looking at them a bit took long on a number of occasions, but have always met your gaze with a knowing smile.  One day after work they ask for your help on a project they’re leading – will you assist in helping them rise to the occasion?