Golden Nectar

It's messy, dirty, and delicious all at the same time...  Whether you simply want to be pissed on or crave (willing or coerced) consumption, I welcome your golden shower fantasies with delight, as piss play is a personal favorite.

Ruby and Roman showers

Do you fantasize about menstruation? Does the sweet, pungent scent of period blood turn you on? If you've answered yes... come hither. I have no shame regarding my natural cycle and have found myself quite intrigued by the fascination it can bring. Whether your desire is simply to experience it firsthand or you crave something more - I welcome your fascination and fetish.

There's something inherently sexual about vomiting... The cycle of spasm, ejaculation, release; the sensation overload; and resulting high creates an energy of its own and intense arousal for many who participate. The act of vomiting on someone will always be an undeniable turn on for me, and one I've indulged many times over. In addition, I can easily manipulate my gag reflex, guaranteeing a filthy good time for us both. Arranging dinner plans or food play adventures, in addition to a roman shower, is my preference. 

toilet training

You've been searching for an alpha female to be completely devoted to. You've found her. You understand your place as human toilet and find that your life is lacking. You need to be used as nothing more than a tool for my passing interests and crave proper toilet training... welcome.

Toilet training is not for the faint of heart. In order to serve as my toilet slave, you must be fully aware of everything you will experience and maintain: absolute respect & proper decorum; impeccable hygiene & cleansing practices; a strong desire for long-term servitude; and give full consent for the training and rituals involved.