Mistress Paige


Nyc based Professional Dominatrix / Purveyor of Pleasure & Perversion

I don’t play around. Except when I do.

I’ve been kinky since before the dawn of kink.
I get bored easily. The simple, penetrative, vanilla lifestyle was never enough.

Yet, at the same time… the harsh distinction between hardcore BDSM and the base lustful carnalities never made sense to me.

It’s the union of the two— the more sensual sexuality woven together with a primal subjugation that will truly redefine you…leaving either physical or mental imprints of your choosing.
I have played professionally for the last 10 years. I am thoroughly trained in safe, sane, consensual and risk-aware kink— with my own deeply personal twists.

From the novice simply exploring a newfound fetishistic preoccupation, to an acolyte of power play looking to usurp control bereft of physical escalation, or even the most experienced master of brutalistic kink I am here to venture into these realms with you. As we delve deeper into these erotic domains, we can find healing in their manifestation.

I am both guardian and succubus.

Simultaneously adoring and sadistic to the core, this is not a job. 

This is who I am.