You've done your research and set aside some time in your busy schedule - and now, you're ready to play.

Here’s what’s required of you so we can do just that.

screening Requirements

Screening is required for all experiences - as, is proper preparation. As such, I encourage to you familiarize yourself with my session tribute, plus my deposit & cancellation policy, prior to making a reservation.

I require up to 72 hours to complete verification - so, please plan accordingly. If you're a couple, understand that both halves of your partnership must submit screening information and contact me to discuss expectations prior to setting a date.

I offer two methods of verification to confirm a booking - references from reputable BDSM professionals / independent companions or discreet employment verification. Either method is used to help ensure the safety and discretion of us both & both methods require ID verification. If additional information is needed to complete verification - you can rest assured, your information will always be handled with the utmost prudence and respect, and is properly disposed of upon completion of screening.

references from bdsm professionals / independent companions:

  • Minimum of 3 recent references from BDSM professionals or independent companions are required.

  • References must be relevant and within one year of last meeting. 

  • Be sure to include the following for reference verification - companion name, email, website / ad, approximate date you last met, and something to jog their memory.

discreet employment verification

  • Please include the following:

    • company name + your position / title

    • company website + your direct link / profile

    • company main phone line + your direct extension

    • your company email

    • a cover story for when I call at our arranged time

If you are a member of any online client screening sites (ie. FetLife, The Erotic Review, Preferred411, Room Service 2000, etc) - please be sure to include your member ID or board handle along with your email. These screening tools do not replace the screening requirements necessary to see me - however, they are wonderful additions to include.

make a reservation

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Verification Details
Please provide three references from reputable BDSM professionals or independent companions that you've seen within the past 6-12months. Be sure to include their name, website or ad link, email address, approximate date you met, & something to jog their memory. If you are unable to provide references, discreet employment verification must be completed.
Be sure to include the following: company name + your position/title, company website + your profile link, company main phone line + your direct extension, your email address, & a cover story to use + the best time to call
If you are a member of any client screening services (ie. The Erotic Review, Preferred411, RS2K, etc) - then, please share your member ID or board handle, here.
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